Parenting Styles and Their Impact on the Socialization and the Parent Child Bond between Parent and Adolescent

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Sidhu, Jessie
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This capstone highlights Baumrind's four parenting styles and how they have shaped the Western parenting world. Authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and uninvolved parenting have been studied various times and by various people. The Western style of parenting, which is typically authoritative is seen as the golden standard of parenting whereas the eastern parenting which is typically authoritarian is seen as an "overbearing and strict" parenting style. This capstone also goes through the eastern and Western bias in parenting literature. So what makes a great parent? What helps foster a healthy bond between parent and adolescent? If it is not a certain parenting style, what is it? Although we have these parenting styles and a lot of research it is important to understand what makes a parent - adolescent relationship strong. This paper shares a program 7- week program designed for adolescent children to attend with their parents to help foster a positive and healthy relationship. It helps teach the skills needed in order to help build that relationship.
parenting , socialization , parenting styles , adolescent parenting , social/academic success , four parenting styles , eastern and western parenting , parenting education program , parenting practices , attachment theory , adolescents
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