Counselling South Asian clients: The synergy of Western practices with Eastern philosophy

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Singh, Reena
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The South Asian population is a marginalized population group in Canada. They do not readily access mental health resources when dealing with a mental health illness. The following study is a literature review looking at different ways to incorporate religious/spiritual practices into the counselling process for South Asian immigrants. The study highlights barriers the South Asian community faces when thinking about connecting with community mental health resources. As well, the study focuses on traditional eastern practices used to treat symptoms related to mental health disorders. An appreciative inquiry approach was used to analyze qualitative studies about the research topic. Findings from the study outline clinical implications counsellors and other service providers can use when working with South Asian clients struggling with life challenges. Future research recommendations and limitations of the study are discussed. The thesis project is an extensive literature review of the available mental health resources and utilization of resources among South Asian individuals. The study looked at creative ways to promote social justice for the South Asian community.