Exploring Past-Life Regression Therapy as an Effective Therapeutic Tool: Looking at Case Studies to Identify Themes and Benefits

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Veltri, Tricia
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Past-life regression therapy is a therapeutic technique that assumes that present day issues can be traced to core roots in past-lives. The belief in reincarnation is key to past-life regression therapy but the goal of past-life regression therapy is not to prove reincarnation exists. Using hypnosis, therapists lead their clients back to their earliest memory of the presenting problem. From that point, the therapist will initiate a process that purports to take them back even further to their past lives. The goal of this research is to conduct a thematic analysis to determine what are the major themes and benefits for individuals that have experienced past-life regression therapy. The thematic analysis included 15 case studies of transcribed sessions from 15 different past-life regression therapists. Five themes were discovered from the data which include: 1) severe, pervasive presenting problems, resistant to other treatments, 2) seeking an alternative therapy, 3) problems connected to highly charged unresolved past-life emotions, 4) insight is gained through reflection and reframing the past-life scenario, and 5) a cathartic release of negative emotions increases positive changes and decrease of symptoms. Through analyzing the data it can be concluded that: past-life regression can provide vivid scenarios which can reveal powerful, underlying emotional patterns in an individual's life, which can offer intense catharsis which may facilitate insight, reframing the situation, and improvement of presenting symptoms.
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