Menopause and Sexuality Across Cultures: How do Cultural Factors Impact the Experience of Aging and Sexuality?

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Georgescu, Claudia
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Menopause is a major life transition for all women and is characterized by a series of biological and psychological symptoms that start during perimenopause. However, 25% of women are unaware of the symptoms. This leads to stigma that can have serious effects on a women's sexual health and well-being. These effects are worse in some cultures where there is less discussion of the impact of the menopause. The aim of this capstone is to examine menopausal experiences cross culturally and to find adequate therapeutic approaches that can help middle aged women. In chapter 3, I propose a group counselling intervention which will normalize the menopausal experience. It is hoped that these groups will educate these women connect them to others in their community. The groups will help them also learn about local resources and where to seek additional medical or psychological support.
amenorrhea , culture , menopause , perimenopause , sexual health