How the Unexpected Loss of a Sibling During Adolescence Affects Future Romantic Relationships

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Haynes, Ashley
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Sibling loss has largely been overlooked by grief studies. Surviving siblings are still to this day finding themselves as the forgotten mourners. However there is still lacking sufficient literature on the topic of sibling loss. I wanted to look at how the unexpected loss of sibling during adolescent would affect how one forms future romantic relationships. I had a difficult time finding any literature pertaining to this topic. .Using Bowlby?s attachment theory Hazan & Shaver (1990) developed four styles of attachment in adults: secure, anxious-preoccupied, dismissive avoidant, and fearful-avoidant. The death of a sibling during adolescence poses a particular challenge because relational needs are highlighted and called into question in addition the loss disrupts attachment to primary caregivers as they too are also coping with the loss. This disruption may hinder the young person?s ability to master the developmental challenge of their current developmental stage. Using three attachment questionnaire, the Relationship Scale Questionnaire (RSQ), the Relational Questionnaire (RQ), and the Hazan & Shaver Questionnaire along with interview questions I developed I researched how the unexpected loss of a sibling affects how one forms future romantic relationships.
sibling loss , grief , attachment