Disordered Eating Among Athletes: Treatment Best Practices, a Review of the Literature

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Dalin, Robbyn
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This paper examines the challenging process of treating Eating Disorders (ED) in the athlete population. There is an important connection between ED and the detrimental effects on the body, emotions, and the performance of the athlete. The intention of this research is to assist counsellors in understanding the effectiveness of the treatment model from which they are working. A thorough evaluation of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques and effectiveness are conducted in order to review the efficacy of treatment for working with this illness. Some of the strengths of the CBT model are that it is well researched in the therapeutic realm, there is an abundance of training in this area that is available to therapists, and the research shows that it is an effective intervention for working with EDs. A result of this research for professional counsellors, it is hoped that having a resource that thoroughly evaluates a commonly used treatment methodology for its impact and effectiveness can be utilized for helping professionals working with this population.