A Professional Development Study on Independent Reading in the Classroom

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Henrie, Wesley
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This professional development study focuses on my journey to better understand independent reading in the classroom. Through the literature review and other assessments, I learned that structured approaches, intentional reading instruction methods, and the teacher as an explicit reading role model are common practices among experienced educators who have implemented independent reading into the classroom schedule. Furthermore, I discovered that a structured approach to independent reading aligns with English Language Arts Common Core State Standards. Specifically, the standards provide students with different options to show outcomes from reading such as written summaries, discussions, and digital presentations. This professional development study has changed my thoughts about and approach to independent reading. Prior to this study, I viewed independent reading as an unstructured activity where the teacher takes a hands-off approach and students have no accountability. After reviewing practices from experienced educators and personal reflection, I have come to the realization that independent reading is best served with structure and teacher engagement.
independent reading , education
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