The Integration of Yoga and Buddhism: A Personal Exploration of Eastern Based Practices and Their Effect on Anxiety

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Fabiano, Maria
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This thesis explores the effects of yoga and Buddhist practices on anxiety. This is a self study—I am both the researcher and the subject. Through the use of the qualitative methodology of auto ethnography, I will explore my experience with anxiety, and how the incorporation of yoga and Buddhist practices into my daily life supported me in over-coming anxiety. Through the use of vignettes I will explore times in which I was over-come with anxiety and my discovery of Buddhist and yoga practices and the impact this had on the anxiety I was experiencing. I will compare and contrast these events in my life with the most current literature on the effects of yoga and Buddhist practices on anxi-ety. Through this exploration I hope to uncover ways in which these practice may sup-port other individuals struggling with anxiety. Chapter 1 will provide an introduction to my topic, Chapter 2 an exploration of the literature, and Chapter 3 a description of the methodology used. Chapter 4 will pre-sent my auto-ethnography. Chapter 5 will offer a comparing and contrasting of the litera-ture review and the auto-ethnography along with providing implications for counsellors, and areas of future research.
yoga , autoethnography