Fibre Crafting as a Creative Intervention for Adolescent Low Self-Esteem

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Cape, Erin
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This literature review examines the art of fibre crafting and its practical implications for adolescent self-esteem. Low self-esteem during the adolescent years has been linked to detrimental outcomes such as increased risk of depression, eating disorders, and poor physical health. Conversely, high self-esteem during this period can lead to positive social development and better health. The need to find easily accessible, low-cost, and low-barrier treatment methods to target adolescent self-esteem challenges is paramount. This review suggests a novel approach of fibre crafting (e.g., knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, macramé, etc.) to target adolescent self-esteem development through a biopsychosocial lens. This review covers literature supporting the benefits of these fibre craft activities, discusses implications for counselling psychology, and suggests key areas for future research. The literature review supports that fibre crafting expands the considerations for techniques to assist clients in overcoming mental health challenges and may provide a valuable addition to group therapeutic treatment, individual counselling, established art therapy programs, and/or youths' personal hobbies.
crafting , fiber craft , self-esteem , adolescent , therapeutic intervention , art therapy
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