Tell Me, Teach Me, Involve Me: Transformational Leadership, Mentoring, and You

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Walter, Aaron
Griffin, David
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"Millennials," born between 1977 and 1997, are a unique group, characterized by an approach to work and social media that is more integrated with their lives. The millennial generation uses technology to obtain and transfer information. Popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have become the go-to source for shared knowledge. This knowledge extends beyond the textbook and blogosphere. These young users are logged in and active in a perpetual state of communication. The integration of this technology has become part of their identity and expression. With this realization, there is opportunity for educators to harness this influence and effectively incorporate it into teaching. Old models of teaching and learning need to be reconsidered and mentoring techniques are among the most effective means of reaching the millennials in the classroom. In addition, many elements of transformational leadership are better transferred via experiential activities in the classroom, aided by mentoring approaches. Ultimately, a list of best practices is developed to provide instructors with concrete approaches to mentoring.
transformational leadership, mentoring in education, student engagement
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