Building a Culture of Effective Cooperative Learning: Teacher Practices and School Leadership in an Elementary School

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Miller, Kristin L.
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Alberta Education's (2010) Inspiring Education framework, a Ministerial Order on Student Learning (Alberta Education, 2013), continues to be challenged by a diversity of learners and learning needs. With the need for cross-curricular competencies and 21st century skills, Alberta students are required to develop and demonstrate good communications skills and the ability to work cooperatively with others (Alberta Education, 2010; Alberta Education, 2013). This capstone explored common research that has demonstrated that students, regardless of their differing backgrounds and needs, learn more effectively through cooperative learning opportunities. Research has shown that cooperative learning has positive effects on student success. This capstone noted how elementary teachers can build a culture of effective cooperative learning into their teaching practices. In addition, a literature review illustrated how school leaders can build a culture of systemic cooperative learning through effective leadership, which is needed for quality learning and for school improvement.
cooperative learning , school improvement in Alberta, Canada , leadership for cooperative learning
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