Postpartum Mood Disorders and Weight Stigma in the Medical System

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Johnson, Suneeta
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A growing body of research could identify systemic and environmental factors that can contribute to mood disorders in postpartum women. It is possible there is significant research based in stigmatization of obese and overweight persons in the medical system and ongoing research regarding women in the postpartum period. There could be a connection between the pressure women feel to lose weight after pregnancy and the onset of postpartum mood disorders. The purpose of this literature review is to connect research in the postpartum period and the effects on medical weight stigma. It is important to remember that it is possible for women and new parents face many challenges during the postpartum period. Mental health and emotional effects of new parenthood can often be put to the side when the baby's needs are prioritized. As counsellors, it is important that we are aware of the needs of new parents and postpartum women and provide them with support and tools to meet their needs during this difficult time.
postpartum , mood disorders , postpartum mood disorders , weight stigma , medical weight stigma , obesity , mental health
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