The Effectiveness of Group Counselling in Schools in Supporting Social Emotional Competency

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Newton, Allison
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Social emotional learning in schools has long-term efficacy for students providing skills that benefit them across a lifespan. Without social-emotional competency, one can struggle with attitudes towards themselves, school and peers. Likewise, challenges within the social and emotional realms can arise as well as conduct problems and low academic performance. The purpose of this capstone is to determine the value of group counselling in schools in supporting social emotional competency as well as the implications of low social emotional competency in youth. A review of the literature on existing social emotional interventions in schools is provided as well as the ethical, cultural considerations and the challenges and limitations of running these groups. Finally, recommendations on how to implement social emotional groups in schools are outlined, proposing a six-session program with a detailed outline of each session.
social emotional learning, school-based group counselling, psychoeducational groups, prevention, SEL, social emotional competency
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