Happy Teachers Create Effective Learners: Factors Affecting Staff Climate in Schools

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Sanbrooks, Jeremy
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Currently there is a limited amount of research specifically related to the relationship between happy teachers and their effectiveness in the classroom. Dissatisfied teachers who are burnt out and overwhelmed are not effective teachers and they are unable to contribute to a positive school climate or student success. Research (Herzberg, 1987) shows that job satisfaction and dissatisfaction are not the opposites of each other and there are many factors that can affect job satisfaction or dissatisfaction. School-based factors that lead to teacher happiness depended on having supportive administration, positive student-teacher relationships, a smaller-sized school, an adequate building with sufficient equipment, and opportunities for teachers to learn and grow. Basic demographics or personal characteristics can also predict happiness in individuals: people with romantic partners, non-immigrants, people above sixty, men, and extroverts are the most common types of people to be happy. The proposed research methodology seeks to find the connection between happy teachers and effective learners.
teacher effectiveness , teacher job satisfaction