Pre-Migration Attitudes and Beliefs and Their Influence on Post-Migration Adjustment

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Singh, Jaspreet
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This capstone project conducts a systematic review exploring the profound impacts that disparity between pre-migration beliefs and post-migration experiences have on the psychological well-being of immigrants. Ten peer-reviewed articles were selected for a methodological critique in order to provide contextual understanding of the distinct challenges encountered by immigrant populations and their psychological impacts. The study identifies stressors, such as financial instability, social isolation, employment, and cultural integration challenges that result in decreased emotional well-being. The research advocates for utilizing a multifaceted approach in developing psychotherapeutic interventions for immigrants, with the aim of cultivating hope and resilience. This necessitates fostering open channels of communication and promoting collaborative efforts between clients and practitioners as well as demonstrating a profound commitment to cultural competency to mitigate prevailing mental health stigmas within immigrant communities. Overall, the research aims to guide clinicians and policymakers in developing more culturally based strategies and support structures to help immigrants in their journey towards better mental health and well-being.
financial stress , acculturation , acculturation , immigrant , migration , pre-migration , post-migration , expectations , psychological impact