Examining Bowen Family Systems Modality as a Treatment modality Amongst Adults with Alcohol Use Disorder

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Su, Solomon
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Alcohol is the most used substance among adults in North America. Alcohol use is commonly associated with increased risk to the health and wellbeing of self and others. Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is among one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders across the world today and is associated with family problems. The aim of this capstone project is to investigate the efficacy and application of Bowen's Family Systems Theory (BFST) as a treatment modality for individuals with the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder. AUD and family functioning are negatively impacted and interrelated, but families with family systemic intervention show significant improvements with AUD recovery. AUD is a response to the wavering tensions in the family system. By considering the relationships and interactions within the family system, therapists can assume a supportive role for patients in their treatment process of preventing relapse, and solving familial conflicts to reduce the overall anxiety, which in turns, reduces the use of alcohol. This capstone project explores BFST in depth in terms of AUD, its efficacy, and the practical application of its core concepts.
Bowen family systems theory , alcohol use disorder , family systems , substance use disorder , treatment