Moving on to High School: a Literature Review of the Implications of Transitions, Or, A Literature Review of the Implications for Transitioning Students in their First Years of High School

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Macario, Marianne
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Transitioning students from small elementary classes to a larger more complex environment of a high school setting brings with it a plethora of forced changes at a time when the domains of young adolescent development has its foot in the doorway of one of the most challenging stages of life. Researchers are gaining an understanding of the vulnerabilities and influences of transitional impacts on students' successes in reaching graduation and beyond. Initial research focused on the demographic influences such a socio-economic status, family status, geographical location, and cultural background as well as academics and socioemotional well-being. This literature review begins with the established information then adds to it by encapsulating the current understanding of a holistic view of transitions through Life Course Theory. This fabric of life approach interweaves the developmental; physical, cognitive, and psychological growth, with social pathways; evolving roles and activities, continuity and changes in interpersonal relations. In essence, it bridges the two most commonly reported indices of sociological and demographic considerations. Holding these threads together are the experiences of everyday life and the larger social context in its rapidly ever changing form. Conclusions of further areas of investigation and suggestions for how current research might inform educational practices in the arena of the 21st Century are included.
high school environment , school transitions