Addiction Counsellors: Ethical Issues

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Smith, Terri
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This thesis is a proposal to investigate ethical issues and dilemmas that may arise for addiction counsellors who work within 12-step informed facilities. This proposal was based upon Scott's (2000) research entitled, "Ethical Issues in Addictions Counselling", in which she identified six key ethical issues that addiction counsellors encounter. These ethical issues are (a) issues within clinical practice, (b) controversy over professional competency, (c) controversy regarding relevance of group work, (d) issues regarding confidentiality, (e) unique issues of informed consent, and (f) issues surrounding professional boundaries. This writer proposes to interview addiction counsellors who work within these facilities about the ethical dilemmas they encounter within each of the six categories and their process of resolution. This writer proposes to compare the results of the interviews to the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation's Canon of Ethical Principles and make recommendations where the Canon fails to provide addiction counsellors with the awareness and/or knowledge for making informed decisions.
No date on thesis title-page; thesis date from Canada Project Thesis List and author's maiden name - Padavell - included in thesis information.
counseling ethics , 12-step programs , addiction counselors