Boys Will Be Boys: Investigating the Advantages of School Based Mentorship for Boys

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Van Iersel, NIck
Kral, Jim
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Studies have shown that boys all across the industrialized world are underachieving academically and behaviourally when compared to their female peers. Boys are more likely to dropout, to be diagnosed as having a learning disability or ADHD, and report lower standardized test scores. The conversation has become so significant that it now is simply known as the problem with boys. At the same time, researchers have pointed to school connectedness as a crucial indicator of whether a student will complete school. This paper posits that mentorship, a long recognized method of communicating knowledge and values, offers an indispensable lifeline to boys who may be struggling to find meaning at school. The research reviewed in this project suggests that school based peer mentorship programs may be able to improve connectedness with at-risk youth and can potentially address some of the challenges boys are facing in finding success at school.