Neurodiversity-Affirming Care: A Proposed Framework for Working with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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Gobes, Katherine
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This capstone explores the shift from the pathology paradigm to neurodiversity-affirming care for clinicians offering ADHD clients counselling. With the integration of decolonization practices and anti-oppressive frameworks, counsellors are encouraged to adopt a neurodiversity-affirming lens when working with marginalized populations. This capstone discusses the core principles of neurodiversity-affirming care and examines the advantages and drawbacks of both the neurodiversity paradigm and the pathology paradigm when working with neurodivergent clients. It reviews common ADHD treatments in the pathology model, including pharmacological, cognitive-behavioural, and mindfulness interventions. This analysis highlights benefits, risks, and study limitations, emphasizing the need for more research. It stresses cultural competence for understanding neurodivergence and underscores counsellors' ethical responsibility in implementing neurodiversity-affirming care in therapy. Ultimately, this capstone equips counsellors to empower and support ADHD clients by fostering an anti-oppressive stance through a neurodiversity-affirming lens.
neurodiversity-affirming practice , neurodiversity paradigm , pathology paradigm , intersectional feminism , ADHD
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