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    Leading the Indigenization of the Curriculum
    (2023-11) Dixon, Debbie L.
    The purpose of this capstone is to provide a discussion, supported by examples, on the significant gaps in the truthful teaching of Indigenous history and perspectives, and emphasizing Indigenous-led and land-based approaches. Due to Canada’s historical legacy and ongoing contemporary issues negatively affecting Indigenous peoples, a considerable erosion of trust has occurred. First Nations, Inuit, and Métis families and communities are actively engaged in intergenerational healing to address the damage, abuse, and, ultimately, genocide impacting Indigenous ways of knowing, being, living, and breathing since the conception of Canadian Residential schools. In the 21st century, Indigenous students now have opportunities to experience culture, language, and community in trusted education systems. It is critical for Indigenous students to feel a sense of belonging for achieving growth. Indigenous ways of learning, particularly through a connection with the land, play a crucial role in the process.
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    Developing Yourself as a Doctoral Learner
    (2023-12-08) Allen , Brian; Bakari , Marie
    This three-part presentation demystifies strategic elements of the doctoral mindset needed to understand and succeed along the doctoral journey. The presentations cover the foundational elements of education that bring most learners to the doctoral level of academic effort. We address the key skills of linking and aligning learning, decision-making, and accepting the gift of feedback. We review the danger of applying logical fallacies, identifying a problem, and narrowing the score of research for success. We cover the principles of time management and logical organization of reviewed literature. We examine how conducting a personal SWOT analysis can help doctoral students focus on research within their respective domains toward developing a solutions mindset. Finally, we address the need for full ownership and stewardship of the doctoral student as the agent of their own educational success.
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    Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment for LGBTQIAA+ Individuals
    (2023-11-03) Simeon Walker-Roberts, Gary
    The OER white paper project Dr. Gary embarked on covered the following topics: LGBTQIAA+ key terms, gender nonconforming brief history, and gender nonconforming issues in online education contributing to attrition rates. The purpose of the educational white paper, with practice materials, is to serve as an educational foundation in present matters facing gender nonconforming LGBTQIAA+ folks and online students. The educational white paper presents best practices for creating an inclusive and encouraging e-learning environment to increase a sense of belonging and inclusivity in this community. Lastly, there is a review of six PRIDE flags that are used to represent critical members of the community.
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    Transformative Education for Indigenous Students: Culturally Responsive Leadership and Teaching Practices in Educational Institutions
    (2023-12) Major, Edmund
    This capstone paper gives an insight into First Nations educational systems and how educational leadership influences the understanding of First Nations education today. It will suggest how First Nations instructional leaders can be influential leaders in today’s society and how to treat everyone with care. Leaders need to know how to make changes slowly in First Nations schools. The research comprises various peer-reviewed scholarly journals and books from well-known authors, such as Schein. Some topics in this research paper will include the history of First Nations education and educational leadership, transitioning into an effective leader in First Nations Schools, and how to be a caring leader within the school or community. The outcomes will benefit the first-time leader when entering any school. Additionally, this paper will be a guide for use by all instructional leaders.
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    Bearing the Brunt: The Canadian Medical System, COVID-19, the Impacts on the Chronically Ill Community, and What We Can Do as Therapists
    (2023-10) Martin, Serena
    Using literature, research, and lived experiences, this capstone works to highlight the current state of the Canadian medical care system, how the system has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and how the chronically ill community has been impacted by these challenges. Both the intersections where the chronically ill community are further distressed and the places where the community’s resilience is evident are explored. This capstone shines a light on the ongoing issues with our Canadian health care system and gives voice to the burgeoning issues of chronic illness and mental health care due to the damage done by the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, one of the gaps this capstone aims to start to fill is the impacts of COVID-19 upon the mental health field and the chronically ill population. The second gap is the lack of awareness in the medical and mental health field. Beyond filling these gaps, this paper works to offer hope of how mental health therapists can be better educated and equipped to go into the field and advocate for better education and care for those with a chronic illness.

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